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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Unlocking the Brain's Potential: The Revolutionary Approach of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Introduction In the ever-evolving field of mental health, one innovative therapy has been making waves: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This non-invasive...

Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy? The power of music is not to be overlooked when considering its usage for therapy. When thinking about therapy, people often think of it in a very traditional way which is often portrayed in the media. There are various therapeutic approaches...

Ideas for managing difficult emotions during the holidays

2020 Reflections The holiday season can be a time of stress and can negatively impact our mental health if we do not honor our needs. Ideas for managing difficult emotions during the holidays can help us during this time. A useful approach can be awareness and...


Everyday mindfulness can be as simple as stopping to smell the flowers while walking to the mailbox, observing the clarity in the blue sky above, or even just becoming aware that you are day-dreaming mid-conversation. When we bring mindful awareness into our daily...

How To Control COVID-19 Stress

Can the COVID-19 outbreak cause stress? There's no denying that the coronavirus outbreak has caused feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear among us all, as it turned our whole lives upside down in a short space of time. Since the World Health Organization declared the...

Stress Effects On The Body

Stress Effects On The Body The gut has hundreds of millions of neurons, which can function fairly independently and are in constant communication with the brain, explaining the ability to feel “butterflies” in the stomach. Stress can affect this brain-gut...

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