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DBT: Changing Your Body Chemistry

Have you found yourself in a situation experiencing rapid emotions, not being able to process what is happening? How about doing something without even thinking? Often, we may not even be aware of what really goes on in our bodies when we are unfamiliar or...

How to manage everyday life in the face of this unique time?

News reports about the coronavirus and the possibility that it could become more widespread are making people anxious. We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with cities and even entire countries shutting down. Some of us are in areas that have already been...

Anxiety and Life in the Time of COVID-19

Anxiety is something we all deal with in life. It is the body’s natural response to external events that may pose a threat to our safety or sense of security, and as such, it is often quite adaptive in regards to its ability to help keep us safe. The recent global...

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