Anxiety and Life

Have you found yourself in a situation experiencing rapid emotions, not being able to process what is happening?

How about doing something without even thinking?

Often, we may not even be aware of what really goes on in our bodies when we are unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. Knowing how to reduce extreme emotion fast is helpful as it enables you to change your body chemistry in a way that parallels your thoughts and behaviors in an efficient manner.

The acronym TIP is beneficial to know and practice in such emotionally filled situations as it helps with distress tolerance. Tip (T) the temperature of your face with cold water for about 30 seconds while holding breath may enable you to calm down fast. You may notice that your body temperature may start to decrease, thus you can feel yourself (mind-wise) calm down. Engaging in intense exercise (I) is in part helpful for calming down your body when it is triggered by your emotion(s).

Being able to engage in activities that will help you step away from a minute or two from the extreme emotional situation is true of help for oneself, regardless of the amount of time. Paced (P) breathing requires you to take deep breathes into your belly which will then help with calm down with each breath. Likewise, paired (P) muscle relaxation builds onto your “whole body” to release in a way that tension caused by the extreme emotion building in the fast form a situation.

Please note TIP is a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) oriented skill aimed at situations that can help in facing situations and overcoming extreme emotions affecting your body.

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