What does courage look like to you? Let’s take a look at this more in-depth, as it relates to positive psychology. Finding the courage to seek help for anxiety or depression just to name a few is courage in itself, yet furthermore, most people fear seeking help. This is a valid point? One may feel when finding the courage to get help, but what you didn’t know this is the first step in seeking help. Courage comes within ourselves and what we find this something most people act on every day. There are three main types of courage: moral courage, physical courage, and vital courage. Moral courage is doing what we know is right. I am sure you have had this type of courage, you’re doing this now trying to find out what is the type of care you need for your mental health. Physical courage, now let’s take a look at what actions you are doing to fulfill that need to get help for your mental or physical health. Lastly, vital courage, sometimes we must push ourselves to get what we want, therefore having the courage to get help is going to take work on our part. I encourage you to take that leap and see what type of courage best fits you or giving courage to others in need.



Resource: Froh, J.J. (2013). Activities for teaching positive psychology: A guide for instructors. Washington, D.C: American Psychological Association.