As the holidays are approaching, it’s important for us to recognize the importance of how to deal with our anxiety during the holidays. Remember it’s a matter of knowing what to do when you are feeling anxious. Family and friends are maybe spending a night or few in town and you’re wondering how you stop and successfully cope with a situation when loved ones are around. As a matter of fact, STOPP is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) technique that helps individual’s who are feeling anxious. This technique helps you deal with your anxiety in the following 3 steps: pause, take a breath, don’t react automatically. First, knowing what you are reacting to helps to pinpoint what specific trigger is going on. Pausing to note what it is that is happening. Secondly, paying attention to your breathing is important to help you manage your anxiety. Taking deep breaths and counting to 3 surely can help ease the moment. Lastly, be careful to automatically reacting to situations that can trigger your anxiety. What is the advice that you can possibly give a person dealing with a similar situation as you? Be sure to take your time and pause, take a deep breath, and respond after thinking. Remember your emotions serve important purposes, it’s a matter of practicing and having patience.

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