Other Services

  • Psychiatrist: If needed, we offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment recommendation at the site by our consultant Psychiatrist.
  • Psychological assessment: We offer Psychological assessment, Treatment, and consultation.
  • Psychological Testing: We offer psychological testing to assess for social, cognitive, and behavioral challenges in adults, adolescents, and grade school children. Evaluation services include assessing for learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD), personality challenges, intelligence testing and more.
  • Nutrition Therapy: We offer individual nutrition counseling, individualized meal plans,educational group sessions, and ongoing professional support for those struggling with Overeating, Late-Night Eating, and Binge Eating.
  • EMD-R Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a clinical treatment that has been shown to be effective for victims of trauma to reprocess disturbing thoughts and memories. We offer EMD-R for trauma patients and others as needed.
  • Applied Psycho-physiology:
    – Biofeedback (peripheral)
    – EEG / Neurofeedback

  • Psychotherapy: We offer Individual, Marital, and Family Therapy. We believe working with families is a critical component of treatment.