• Psychiatry: If needed, we offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment recommendation at our facility by our consultant Psychiatrist.
    • Psychological assessment: We offer comprehensive psychological assessment, and consultation, followed by personalized treatment.
    • Psychological Testing: Our psychological testing assesses potential for social, cognitive, and behavioral challenges in adults, adolescents, and grade school children. Evaluation services include assessing for learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD), personality and IQ testing, and more.
    • Nutrition Therapy: For our Eating Disorder programs, we offer individual nutrition counseling, individualized meal plans, educational group sessions, and ongoing professional support for those struggling with Anorexia, Bulimia, Overeating, Late-Night Eating, Binge Eating, obsessive healthy eating, Orthopraxis.
    • Psychotherapy: We offer individual therapy, family therapy, and relationship therapy since we believe working with families or other relationships is a critical component of treatment.

Call to schedule an appointment with us! We care about our patients who seek individual help and want to give them access to the high quality services that we offer.