• Many teen girls hit rock bottom with their self-esteem during the adolescent years whereas teen boys tend to remain the same or even rises once they enter puberty.
  • Found that girls greatly outnumber boys for treatment of depression and attempted suicide
  • Self-Esteem Enhancement program developed by Notar and Wagler-Martin called, “Glad To Be Me.”
  • A seven-week program aimed at Grade 9 teen girls
  • Develop better body acceptance, trusting relationships, improved communication, assertiveness skills, amongst others
  • In high school, the emphasis is on your looks and not growing and developing and furthering your education
  • Grade 9 is a pivotal point for adolescents – not a child, not an adult
  • The girls in the pilot program said it helped to boost their self- confidence and made them realize they weren’t alone in their turmoil.
  • Found that many girls suffer from “Cinderella complex” where they’re sitting waiting for someone, usually a man, to come and rescue them


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