Group topics were helpful and taught me a lot about myself.

Individual therapy helped me the most to identify core issues.

The services at OCHPA are top-notch. The doctors and staff here really take pride in your health and wellness. They want to see you succeed and they’re there every step of the way to guide and nurture your happiness. I loved my experience in their group therapy program “Nature & Nurture”, I felt like I benefited well, due to the careful attention and expertise of the the psychologists and the overall excellence of the care I received from everyone at OCHPA! High recommendation if anyone is seeking any help, this is the place to go!

Therapists talks to us like we’re all equal.

Music group helped me come out of my shell.

Group settings are very beneficial as you relate to one another and realize you are not alone.l.

Having a support group was very helpful.

I really liked CBT. I also liked the worksheet that we had to fill in.